* Charlie “Choo Choo” Justice  1963

Most famous football player in state’s history. Schoolboy legend at Lee Edwards High School in Asheville. Joined navy after graduating in 1943, playing football for Bainbridge (Md.) Naval Training Station team. AP all-service team, 1944. Played for UNC, 1946–1949. Speedy and elusive single-wing tailback was exceptional runner, kicker, passer. Led UNC to 32-9-1 record and first three bowl appearances, 1947 and 1949 Sugar Bowl, 1950 Cotton Bowl. For college career rushed for 3,774 yards, passed for 2,362 yards, scored 39 touchdowns. Named to many all–American teams. Runner-up for Heisman Trophy, 1948, 1949. MVP, 1950 College All-Star Game. Played for Washington Redskins, 1950, 1952–1954. Assistant coach at UNC, 1951. NFL totals 1,284 yards rushing and 63 receptions. Member National Football Foundation Hall of Fame. Born Asheville, 1924. Died October 17, 2003.