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Name Year Inducted Category Biography
*Adams, Charlie 2006 Administration link
*Alexander, Skip 1987 Golf link
*Allen, Johnny 1977 Baseball link
*Allen, Maxine 1972 Other Sports link
Andrews, Donna 2018 Golf link
Antonelli, Debbie 2020 Media link
*Appenzeller, Herb 2010 Administration link
*Appling, Luke 2022 Baseball link
*Arledge, Missouri 2022 Basketball link
Austin, Gerald 2007 Contributor link
*Aycock, Dugan 1969 Golf link
*Baker, Buck 1992 Motorsports link
*Baker, Dr. Lenox 1983 Contributor link
*Baker, Jr., John 1972 Football link
Bankhead, Scott 2018 Basbeall link
*Barclay, George 1976 Football link
*Barger, Frank 1993 Football link
Barnes, Bill 1979 Football link
*Barnes, Ernie 2019 Football link
Barnes, Ronnie 2022 Contributor link
*Barrier, Smith 1980 Media link
*Bartholomew, Bob 2006 Football link
Bass, Glen 2017 Football link
Beasley, Genia 2007 Basketball link
Beatty, Jim 1963 Olympic Sports link
Bell, Bobby 1987 Football link
*Bell, Peggy Kirk 1976 Golf link
*Bellamy, Walt 1984 Basketball link
*Berry, Connie Mack 2000 Basketball link
Bethea, Elvin 2005 Football link
Bibby, Henry 2022 Basketball link
Biedenbach, Eddie 2014 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Bisher, Furman 1995 Media link
*Blunt, Russell 1996 Coaching (High School) link
Bogues, Tyrone "Muggsy" 2022 Basketball link
Bostic, Jeff 2015 Football link
Bostic, Joe 2015 Football link
*Bradshaw, Willie 2019 Administrator link
*Brennan, Pete 2007 Basketball link
*Brewbaker, Carey 2004 Coaching (High School) link
*Bridges, Eddie 2019 Contributor link
Brind'Amour, Rod 2016 Ice Hockey link
Bristol, Dave 2006 Baseball link
Broadway, Rod 2019 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Brogden, Leon 1970 Coaching (High School) link
*Brooks, Bill 1993 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Brooks, Dan 2022 Coaching College/Pro link
*Brown, Hal "Skinny" 2018 Baseball link
Brown, Ted 1995 Football link
Brown, Mack 2020 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Browning, Wilt 2012 Media link
Bryant, Charlie 2006 Administration link
Bryant, Kelvin 2013 Football link
*Bubas, Vic 1975 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Buehler, Al 1989 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Burden, Willie 2009 Football link
*Burgess, Forrest 1978 Baseball link
Burleson, Tommy 1996 Basketball link
*Burns, Marge 1984 Golf link
*Butters, Tom 2008 Administration link
*Byrd, Dennis 2007 Football link
*Byrne, Tommy 1976 Baseball link
Caldwell, Mike 1998 Baseball link
*Cameron, Eddie 1969 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Cammack, Chris 2018 Baseball link
Carlton, Wray 2012 Football link
Carr, A. J. 2014 Media link
Carr, M. L. 2012 Basketball link
*Carver, Gordon 1992 Football link
*Case, Everette 1964 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Casey, Willis 1985 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Chappell, Peggy Pate 1993 Olympic Sports link
Cheek, Joey 2018 Olympic Sports link
*Chesley, Castleman 1987 Contributor link
Chesson, Wes 2018 Football link
*Cheves, Joe 2004 Golf link
Childress, Richard 2008 Motorsports link
*Clack, Jim 2004 Football link
*Clark, Dwight 1997 Football link
Clark, George 2004 Football link
*Clary, Wilburn 1998 Coaching (High School) link
*Cloninger, Tony 2004 Baseball link
Clougherty, John 2015 Contributor link
*Cobb, Jack 1968 Basketball link
*Cobb, Whit 1985 Tennis link
Colvin, Bob 2014 Football link
Combs, Freddie 2015 Football link
*Coombs, Jack 1987 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Corrigan, Gene 2019 Administrator link
*Cox, Billy 1989 Football link
*Craddock, Dennis 2020 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Craig, Roger 1985 Baseball link
*Crawford, Fred 1964 Football link
*Crowder, Alvin 1967 Baseball link
Crumpler, Carlester 2002 Football link
Daugherty, Brad 2001 Basketball link
*Davis, Tom 1988 Football link
Davis, Walter 1996 Basketball link
Denton, Randy 2014 Basketball link
*Derr, John 1991 Media link
*Dixon, Prince Nufer 1998 Olympic Sports link
Donnan, Jim 2010 Football link
*Dooley, Bill 1995 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Dorrance, Anson 2005 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Dowtin, Al 1998 Golf link
*Duncan, Jim 1993 Football link
*DuPont, Laura 2018 Tennis link
Durante, Dwight 2017 Basketball link
*Durham, Woody 2005 Media link
*Earnhardt, Dale 1994 Motorsports link
Earnhardt Jr, Dale 2019 Motorsports link
*Edwards, Earle 1974 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Eller, Carl 1991 Football link
*Erickson, Chuck 1992 Administration link
*Esposito, Sam 2012 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Eutsler, Bill 1992 Coaching (High School) link
*Ferebee, Joe 2002 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Ferrell, Rick 1964 Baseball link
*Ferrell, Wes 1963 Baseball link
*Fetzer, Robert 1965 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Fitzpatrick, Mindy Ballou 2018 Basketball link
*Floyd, Darrell 2006 Basketball link
Floyd, Eric "Sleepy" 2016 Basketball link
Floyd, Raymond 1981 Golf link
*Fogarassy, Peter 2005 Olympic Sports link
Ford, Phil 1991 Basketball link
Fox, David 2016 Olympic Sports link
Fox, Mike 2017 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Francis, Ron 2013 Ice Hockey link
*Francis, Skeeter 1993 Media link
Frazier, Russ 2007 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Fulghum, Robert "Rabbit" 2016 Coaching (High School) link
*Futch, Eunies 1990 Basketball link
Gabriel, Roman 1971 Football link
*Gabriel, Steve 2019 Wrestling link
*Gaines, Clarence 1978 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Gantt, Bob 1978 Basketball link
*Garber, Mary 1996 Media link
Garrett, Wade 2013 Other Sports link
*Garrison, Jim 2001 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Gay, Paul 1998 Coaching (High School) link
Geiger, Betty Springs 2003 Olympic Sports link
Gibson, Claude 2007 Football link
*Gliarmis, Lee 2014 Contributor link
Gminski, Mike 2003 Basketball link
*Goodman, Billy 1969 Baseball link
*Greason, Murray 1967 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Green Sr., Ron 2006 Media link
*Guthridge, Bill 2013 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Haddock, Jesse 1990 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Hagler, Dumpy 1984 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Happer, Marshall 2014 Tennis link
*Hardison, Dee 2007 Football link
Harris, Bob 2006 Media link
*Harris, Dave 1993 Administration link
Hart, Leo 2008 Football link
*Harville, Charlie 1997 Media link
Hatchell, Sylvia 2009 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Hawn, Joby 1993 Administration link
Hayes, Bill 2018 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Heafner, Clayton 1974 Golf link
*Hearn, Bunn 1993 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Helms, Tommy 2013 Baseball link
*Hemric, Dickie 1972 Basketball link
Hendrick, Rick 2015 Motorsports link
Hensley, Bill 2008 Contributor link
*Herbert, Dick 1977 Media link
*Hill, Jr., Dan 1972 Football link
*Hodges, Bobby 1993 Football link
Holland, Terry 2002 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Holley, Jack 2018 Coaching (High School) link
Holt, Torry 2022 Football link
Hooks, Gene 1999 Administration link
*Howell, Babe 2004 Coaching (High School) link
*Hudson, Lou 1988 Basketball link
Huff, Ken 2008 Football link
*Hunter, Catfish 1974 Baseball link
*Irvin, Calvin 1988 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*James, Carl 2000 Administration link
*Jamieson, Bob 1990 Coaching (High School) link
Jamison, Antawn 2016 Basketball link
Jarrett, Dale 2011 Motorsports link
Jarrett, Ned 1990 Motorsports link
Jeffires, Haywood 2016 Football link
*Jensen, Jack 2008 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Johnson, Freddy 2016 Coaching (High School) link
*Johnson, Junior 1992 Motorsports link
Jones, Bobby 1989 Basketball link
*Jones, Charlie 1992 Baseball link
Jones, Leora 2004 Other Sports link
*Jones, Paul 2018 Coaching (High School) link
Jones, Sam 1969 Basketball link
Jones, Steve 2006 Football link
*Jordan, Eckie 1990 Basketball link
Jordan, Michael 2010 Basketball link
Jurgensen, Sonny 1971 Football link
*Justice, Charlie 1963 Football link
Kantner, Dee 2019 Contributor link
*Kernodle, Charles Jr. 2020 Contributor link
*King, Clyde 1983 Baseball link
*King, Jack 1979 Other Sports link
Kirby, Marion 2013 Coaching (High School) link
*Kirkland, Gordon 1998 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Krzyzewski, Mike 2000 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Lanier, Max 2001 Baseball link
*Lassiter, Luther 1983 Other Sports link
*Lemon, Meadowlark 1975 Basketball link
*Leonard, Walter 1973 Baseball link
*Lewis, John Buddy 1975 Baseball link
Lindsey, Larry 2011 Coaching (High School) link
*Littles, Gene 2015 Basketball link
*Lockman, Whitey 1983 Baseball link
Logan, Henry 2000 Basketball link
Love III, Davis 2019 Golf link
Lucas, John 1995 Basketball link
*Lytle, James 1993 Administration link
*Mackorell, Johnny 1980 Football link
*Mann, Ted 1982 Media link
Marin, Jack 1998 Basketball link
Marsh, Page 2001 Golf link
Martin, Mike 2018 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Matheson, Bob 1998 Football link
Maxwell, Cedric 1998 Basketball link
*May, Frank "Jakie" 2018 Baseball link
McAdoo, Bob 1993 Basketball link
*McAfee, George 1967 Football link
*McCall, Jr., Fred 1994 Administration link
McCauley, Don 2010 Football link
*McDonald, Angus 1976 Football link
*McDowell, Jack 1965 Football link
McGee, Dr. Jerry 2012 Contributor link
*McGee, Jerry 2015 Administration link
*McGee, Mike 1991 Football link
*McGeachy, Neill 2019 Administrator link
McGeorge, Rich 2013 Football link
McKeon, Jack 2007 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*McKinney, Bones 1970 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*McLendon, John 1994 Coaching (College, Pro) link
McMillan, Kathy 1999 Olympic Sports link
*Meadows, Henry Lee 1992 Baseball link
Melvin, Chasity 2017 Basketball link
Miller, Paul 2019 Football link
*Mills, Jim 1997 Contributor link
*Mills, Sam 2022 Football link
*Moir, Sam 1999 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Molodet, Vic 2001 Basketball link
Moore, Jerry 2009 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Morey, Dale 1980 Golf link
*Morris, Allen 1978 Tennis link
Morris, Mac 2020 Coaching (High School) link
*Morton, Hugh 2013 Contributor link
*Moss, John Henry 2004 Administration link
Mullins, Jeff 1983 Basketball link
Murdock, Jack 1990 Basketball link
*Murray, Bill 1966 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Neal, Fred 2008 Basketball link
Newsome, Timmy 2022 Football link
Nixon, Trot 2020 Baseball link
Odom, Dave 2009 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*O'Quinn, Red 1982 Football link
Overbeck, Carla 2010 Soccer link
*Overby, Gene 2011 Media link
*Overman, Thell 2019 Coach (High School) link
Overton Johnson, Kristi 2012 Other Sports link
Packer, Billy 1996 Basketball link
*Page, Estelle Lawson 1963 Golf link
*Palmer, Arnold 1988 Golf link
*Palmer, Johnny 1978 Golf link
Parham, Tom 2011 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Parker, Clarence "Ace" 1963 Football link
*Patton, Billy Joe 1967 Golf link
*Penfield, Add 2005 Media link
Peppers, Julius 2020 Football link
Perry, Gaylord 1973 Baseball link
*Perry, Hap 1992 Coaching (High School) link
*Perry, Jim 1973 Baseball link
Petty, Lee 1966 Motorsports link
Petty, Richard 1973 Motorsports link
*Preston, Pat 1980 Football link
*Price, Ray 2016 Motorsports link
*Proctor, Al 2011 Contributor link
Proehl, Ricky 2011 Football link
Pucillo, Lou 1991 Basketball link
*Pugh, Jethro 1980 Football link
Purcell, Bobby 2020 Administration link
Quick, Mike 2010 Football link
*Quincy, Bob 2013 Media link
*Rabb, Walter 1991 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Ranzino, Sam 1981 Basketball link
Rawlings, Lenox 2015 Media link
*Reeve, Ray 1967 Media link
*Reid, Jr., Harvey 1992 Coaching (High School) link
Rerych, Steve 1993 Olympic Sports link
Richardson, Jerry 2000 Administration link
*Riddick, Herman 1992 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Ritcher, Jim 1999 Football link
Robbins, Dave 2022 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Roddey, Oliver 1992 Tennis link
*Rogallo, Francis 1987 Other Sports link
Rogers, Rodney 2014 Basketball link
Rose, Judy 2020 Administration link
Rosenbluth, Lennie 2012 Basketball link
*Ross, Donald 1996 Contributor link
*Sanders, Charlie 1997 Football link
Shaffer, Lee 1993 Basketball link
*Shankle, Joel 1993 Olympic Sports link
*Shavlik, Ronnie 1979 Basketball link
Shea-Graw, Julie 1993 Olympic Sports link
*Sheets, Marty 2013 Olympic Sports link
Shelton, Karen 2010 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Shelton, Wallace 1984 Coaching (High School) link
*Shore, Ernie 1979 Baseball link
*Sifford, Charlie 1992 Golf link
Sime, Dave 1967 Olympic Sports link
*Simeon, Tony 1989 Coaching (High School) link
*Simmons, Floyd 1973 Olympic Sports link
Simson, Paul 2010 Golf link
*Slaughter, Enos 1964 Baseball link
*Sloan, Norman 1994 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Smallwood, Irwin 1994 Media link
*Smawley, Belus 1992 Basketball link
Smith, Charlotte 2015 Basketball link
*Smith, Dean 1981 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Smith, Earl 2003 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Sorrell, Vic 1999 Baseball link
*Southern, Mildred 2013 Tennis link
Stallings, Jack 2001 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Stasavich, Clarence 1970 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Staton, Jim 1992 Football link
*Steele, Jerry 2002 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Stevens, Tim 2020 Media link
Stinson, Andrea 2015 Basketball link
*Stone, Lee 1977 Coaching (High School) link
Suiter, Tom 2022 Media link
Sutton, Ben 2017 Contributor link
*Sutton, Eddie 1999 Football link
Swofford, John 2009 Administration link
*Sykes, Paul 1992 Coaching (High School) link
*Talbott, Danny 2003 Football link
*Terrell, Simon 2006 Administration link
*Thomas, Herb 1992 Motorsports link
Thompson, David 1982 Basketball link
Tolley, Jerry 2011 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Trevathan, Henry 2012 Coaching (High School) link
*Tudor, Caulton 2017 Media link
*Tufts, Richard 1986 Contributor link
Vacendak, Steve 2017 Basketball link
*Valvano, Jim 1995 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Vaughan, Bobby 1992 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Wade, Jake 1992 Media link
*Wade, Wallace 1964 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Waldrop, Tony 1977 Olympic Sports link
*Walker, Leroy 1975 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Walker, Peahead 1968 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Walsh, Mickey 1976 Other Sports link
Walsh, Sue 2003 Olympic Sports link
*Ward, Jr., Harvie 1965 Golf link
*Waters, Bob 2014 Coaching/Football link
*Waters, Bob 2014 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Watson, Roger 2009 Golf link
*Weaver, Jim 1971 Administration link
*Weedon, Frank 2014 Contributor link
*Weiner, Art 1973 Football link
West, Joe 2018 Contributor link
Wheeler, Humpy 2004 Motorsports link
Wheeler, Stephanie 2017 Olympic Sports link
White, Alan 2007 Administration link
*Whitehead, Burgess 1981 Baseball link
Whitfield, Fred 2018 Administration link
Whitfield, George 2005 Coaching (High School) link
*Wilhelm, Hoyt 1968 Baseball link
*Wilkerson, Doug 2002 Football link
Williams, Buck 2003 Basketball link
Williams, George 2000 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Williams, Roy 2008 Coaching (College, Pro) link
*Williamson, Harry 1999 Olympic Sports link
*Wilson, Shirley 1985 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Woolford, Donnell 2020 Football link
Worthy, James 1997 Basketball link
*Wright, Taft 1992 Baseball link
*Young, Floyd 2000 Baseball link
*Yow, Kay 1989 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Yow, Susan 2016 Basketball link
*Yow, Virgil 1992 Coaching (College, Pro) link
Yow-Bowden, Deborah 2006 Administration link
*Zachary, Tom 1966 Baseball link


(a) All North Carolina natives shall be eligible unless, in the judgment of the Board, they moved from the state (and never returned to live) at too early an age to be reasonably considered.

(b) Any non-native who has come to the state and maintained an official residence for ten (10) consecutive years shall be eligible. Also, a non-native whose entire athletic career has been during the time of his/her residence in the state shall be eligible.

(c) Any athlete in a lifetime sport such as golf, tennis, etc., preferably shall have reached the peak of his/her performance prior to selection, or shall have retired from active participation.

(d) Any administrator, coach or member of the media shall have reached age 62 or shall have retired from the field prior to selection. An exception may be one who has worked or coached in the state for 20 years.

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