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Hall Pass™Frequently Asked Questions

By Rick Strunk - NCSHOF Director of Student-Athlete Program, 11/07/17, 10:30AM EST


What is Hall Pass? What is the purpose of Hall Pass?


What is Hall Pass?

It is a comprehensive, year-round program of the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame to engage and inspire student-athletes, while also providing relevant information to parents, athletic directors, coaches and friends who support them. It is open to all North Carolina students grades six and above who participate or follow interscholastic or club sports, as well those who follow and coach these individuals.

What is the purpose of Hall Pass?

The purpose of Hall Pass™ to engage, inform, inspire and support student-athletes and their supporters in a community of like-minded peers.  Content has been created or selected that would be of interest to fans of sports in our state, as well as resources that are specifically designed for student-athletes, parents or others, such as those developed and recommended by the National Federation of State High School Associations.

What is the charge to be a part of this program?

There is still no charge for signing up for the program, which is based on a micro site within the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame website.

If I have signed up previously, do I have to sign up again with the new and improved registration procedures?

No, your membership carries over completely—no need to do anything else.

What can I expect from Hall Pass?

  • Hall Pass™ members will receive “exclusive content” at least once per month prior to this being posted on our website.  This will provide a direct connection to the NCSHOF, and an ability for you to ask questions, or provide feedback.  Plans are still being developed in this area.
  • It allows participants to access all kinds of interesting stories and information about the achievements of Hall of Famers. It also has a bevy of resources helpful for student-athletes, including a number of free courses specifically developed for them by the National Federation of State High School Associations.
  • Incentives will offered to schools of those who sign up to encourage participation, such as gift cards to Dick’s Sporting Goods or other prizes.
  • There are also plans being developed for a scholarship program which would be available to eligible Hall Pass™ participants.


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